MOTU Electric Keys - Vintage Keys Virtual Instrument

40GB Library-256 Note Polyphony-MAS, AU, RTAS, VST and DXi-Standalone-Mac OS X-Windows XP/Vista


Electric Keys from MOTU is a cross-platform virtual instrument that includes the sounds of fifty, classic vintage electric keyboard instruments. The 40GB sound library consists of over 20,000 multi-samples, most of which were recorded with 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Legendary electric pianos, electric organs, clavinets, Wurlitzers, tape samplers, string machines, keyboard basses and other rare and exotic electric keyboard instruments are all represented.

The software allows the user to load, save and combine factory or custom presets, and use the included virtual effects rack to combine, apply and save chained multi-effects, including chorus, reverb, delay and more. Advanced software features include MIDI control of nearly all parameters, 256-note polyphony per instrument, ultra-low latency, efficient disk streaming for fast preset loading, and the UVI Engine for superb sound quality.

Electric Keys supports all major plug-in formats on Mac OS X and Windows XP and Vista, including VST, DXi, MAS, Audio Units and RTAS. It also runs as a stand-alone application, turning any laptop or desktop computer into the ultimate electric keyboard instrument. Additionally, the sounds can be loaded into MOTU's MachFive software sampler for convenient, consolidated operation with other sound libraries.

Additional Information

Crossover Frequency No
Frequency Range No
High Frequency Amplifier No
High Frequency Driver No
Low Frequency Amplifier No
Low Frequency Driver No
Sensitivity No
Signal-to-Noise Ratio No
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) No
Headphone Type No
Low Frequency Roll-Off No
Phantom Power No
Dynamic Range No
Sample Rates No
Delivery Time No

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