IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Stand

For iPad Pro, iPad, & iPad mini
Fits Other Tablets Between 7.0 & 12.1"
Metal-Reinforced Base
Rotates Between Portrait & Landscape
Adjustable Viewing Angle
Includes Tabletop Clamp


IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Stand is a tabletop riser stand for your iPad, iPad mini, or other tablet between 7.0 and 12.1 inches in size. It provides enough space for you to fit a keyboard, mixer, or other equipment underneath it. The iKlip Xpand Stand has a ball-joint multiple angle design that allows for 2 independent articulations as well as rotation between portrait and landscape. A tabletop clamp is included for additional stability or permanent installation.

iKlip Xpand Stand features an expandable holding bracket with a soft rubber contact surface that adjusts to the width of your device providing a safe and secure way to hold your tablet firmly. With iKlip Xpand Stand, you can position your device exactly where you want it and rest assured it will stay in place.


iKlip Xpand Stand has been designed to be as versatile as possible. Its expandable sure-grip technology allows it to accommodate a wide range of tablet sizes without the use of cumbersome adapters. iKlip Xpand Stand’s grips can be easily extended to hold all tablets with screen sizes between 7” and 12.1” — thick, thin, big or small. It even lets you use many devices without having to remove their protective carrying cases. Now you have a tabletop riser stand that can hold all your medium-to-large format tablets.

Additional Information

Crossover Frequency No
Frequency Range No
High Frequency Amplifier No
High Frequency Driver No
Low Frequency Amplifier No
Low Frequency Driver No
Sensitivity No
Signal-to-Noise Ratio No
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) No
Headphone Type No
Low Frequency Roll-Off No
Phantom Power No
Dynamic Range No
Sample Rates No
Delivery Time No

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