16 bay SATA - Dual Gbps Fibre channel - Redundant Power supply


Multiple RAID Selection
A Volume Set is seen by the host system as a single logical device and is organized in a RAID level with one or more physical disks. Additional Volume Sets created in a specified Raid Set will reside on all the physical disks in the Raid Set
A RAID 6 array is essentially an extension of a RAID 5 array with a second independent distributed parity scheme. RAID 6 provides an extremely high fault tolerance, and can sustain two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss.
Instant Availability/Background Initialization
RAID 0 and RAID 1 volume set can be utilized immediately after the RAID creation and for RAID 3, 5 and 6 volume sets, the initialization can proceed as a background task. The operation system can instantly access the new volume without rebooting or waiting the initiation to be completed.
SNMP-based management application (also known as a SNMP manager) can monitor the disk array. The firmware-embedded SNMP agent can be used to augment the RAID controller if you are already running an SNMP management application at your site.
Array Roaming
The configuration settings of a RAID will be stored in both NVRAM and the disk drives, providing the maximum protection in case of a disk drive or controller failure. Array roaming allows the administrators to move a complete raid set to another system without losing RAID configuration and data.
Multipathing solutions are designed to provide failover through the use of redundant physical path components—adapters, cables, and switches between the server and storage device under Microsoft environments.
Online Capacity
Expansion Online Capacity Expansion makes it possible to add one or more physical drive to a volume set while the server is in operation, eliminating the need to store and restore after reconfiguring the raid set.
(Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is an “early warning system” that the disk manufacturers incorporate logic into their drives. AXUS S.M.A.R.T. function detects and reports status of hard drives, thus enriches the data availability.
Online RAID Level and Stripe Size Migration
Both the RAID level and stripe size of an existing volume set can be migrated while the server is online and the volume set is in use. The feature makes the RAID configuration change easier during performance tuning or adding extra physical disks.

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