Behringer PB1000 Ultimate Pedal Board w/ Power Supply

Behringer PB1000 Ultimate Pedal Board w/ Power Supply


The Behringer PB1000 Ultimate Pedal Board is a convenient way to store, transport, and play your Behringer effect pedals. Up to 12 pedals can be arranged inside a pedal board that doubles as a rugged storage case. Nine-volt power (the most common voltage) is built in, with power cabling for all 12 effect stations provided.

Lightweight but protective, the PB1000 takes the "cable spaghetti" out of your setup while protecting your stomp boxes from the elements.

12 Pedal Capacity

There's no fear of running out of room, with an even dozen stomp boxes fitting neatly inside the rugged case.

Integrated Power Supply

The nine-volt power supply has enough juice to power all 12 pedals easily.

Power Cabling Provided

The daisy-chain cable lets you power all your pedals, and add more as you need them.

Additional Information

Crossover Frequency No
Frequency Range No
High Frequency Amplifier No
High Frequency Driver No
Low Frequency Amplifier No
Low Frequency Driver No
Sensitivity No
Signal-to-Noise Ratio No
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) No
Headphone Type No
Low Frequency Roll-Off No
Phantom Power No
Dynamic Range No
Sample Rates No
Delivery Time No

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