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Connect up to 3 Sets of Studio Monitors-All-In-One Master Volume Controller-Source Selector-Monitor Switcher-Talkback Box-Built-in Stereo USB Audio Interface-2 Headphone Amplifiers-Phono Preamp-Dual 12-Segment LED Meters-External Universal Power Supply


The XENYX CONTROL1USB from Behringer is a comprehensive solution for control room monitoring and for communicating with the talent in the studio. The controller places master volume, talkback, source selection and monitor controls front and center, while having the ability to choose from up to three sets of active studio monitors, and four different stereo input sources to create custom monitor mixes. Plus a built-in talkback microphone can be routed to headphones or for slating a two-track.

A large illuminated volume control provides precision adjustment of volume, while a 12-LED meter section provides visual feedback of input or output levels. The onboard headphone amplifier section provides for powering two headphones with individual level controls. A high-quality, built-in USB audio interface allows for direct connection with a computer and its digital library, creating the ultimate sound source control center with no additional hardware required.

Four stereo inputs allow for connecting a CD player, MP3 player, computer/ DAW, and even a turntable, thanks to the built-in RIAA preamp. Plus you can connect keyboards, drum machines or anything else you'd like to put through your monitors. The CONTROL1USB provides three separate monitor outputs with individual level controls, and a computer/ DAW stereo output. Additionally there are 2-track A and B stereo outs with level switches and a Studio Out with level control.

  • Premium, ultra-low noise and high headroom studio control and communication center

  • All-in-one Master Volume controller, Source selector, Monitor switcher and Talkback box

  • Four stereo inputs with independent level controls, plus additional Monitor Mix input for your DAW

  • Three independent and adjustable Monitor outputs to connect up to three sets of studio monitors

  • Built-in Talkback microphone with level control for direct communication with musicians

  • Built-in stereo USB audio interface, perfect for computer-based studios

  • Premium-quality phono preamp for direct turntable connection

  • Two powerful headphone amplifiers with separate volume controls

  • Big, illuminated volume knob for precise level adjustments

  • Convenient Mono, Mute and Dim functions right at your fingertips

  • High-precision, dual 12-segment LED meters with input/output source switch

  • Universal power supply for maximum flexibility, noise-free audio, superior transient response, plus low power consumption for energy savings

  • Rugged construction

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Crossover Frequency N/A
Frequency Range N/A
High Frequency Amplifier N/A
High Frequency Driver N/A
Low Frequency Amplifier N/A
Low Frequency Driver N/A
Sensitivity N/A
Signal-to-Noise Ratio N/A
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) N/A
Headphone Type N/A
Low Frequency Roll-Off N/A
Phantom Power N/A
Dynamic Range N/A
Sample Rates N/A
Delivery Time N/A

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