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Can DV (formerly known as Vidi DV)


NTSC / PAL - Quicktime DV, .dv streams & DV25 playback - Scheduling of commerical blocks - Unattended playout - Firewire output - OSX10.1+



  • Play out your Final Cut Pro, IMovie, or other DV finished files to air.
  • DV25 playback from any Macintosh with a firewire port. Runs PPC or Intel native.
  • Unattended scheduled playout or operator controlled “live assist”
  • Play .dv streams and quicktime DV movies
  • Playlist can be changed seconds before the next event happens
  • Remote scheduling and basic control through CAN Schedule
  • Single CPU, “Publish” to CPU, SAN and mirrored options.
  • Drag and Drop list reorder. Stop, Start, Jump, Cue, Pause, Pause at End
  • Half hour schedules load and play automatically or longer schedules can be loaded manually. Lists can also loop until the next valid schedule is found.
  • Duration, counters and audio meters, top/tails trimming.
  • Clip Directories can be browsed while playing and clips added to current playlist.
  • Browse, view and trim clips before putting them in playlists or after they are in a playlist.
  • NTSC or PAL
  • Clips can be visually tops/tails trimmed while in the list.
  • Commercial blocks can be scheduled in advance and will be inserted into the airing playlist at the time of execution.

System Requirements

  • Macintosh with a firewire port running OSX 10.1+ Quicktime 7.1+
  • Firewire media converter such as Canopus ADVC-110, 300,1000 Miranda DV bridge etc to turn DV video into composite, component or SDI signal.
  • CAN DV is a Universal Binary and will run natively on Intel based Macintosh Computers

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