Carlos Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Carlos Chromatic Guitar Tuner
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The Carsol chromatic clip on guitar tuner - JT-12B. A highly accurate and easy to use tuner for guitar, bass, violin and ukulele. Clip-on tuners have exploded in popularity recently and one of the latest editions is the Carsol Chromatic Clip-On Guitar Tuner. The Carsol clip on tuner is one of the smallest on the market and weighs only 30g. It has 4 instrument settings allowing you to quickly and efficiently tune your guitar, bass, violin or ukulele as well as having a st and ard chromatic setting. Simply clip the tuner onto your instrument, turn it on, pluck the string you want to tune and the tuner senses the vibrations and gives you an accurate read out allowing you to tune in noises environments such as during the middle of a performance.

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Delivery Time 451
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