G5 Jive Internal Drive Mounting System

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Additional 03 internal drive mounting system for Power Mac G5


Swing Five Drives into Your G5!

Looking to add more drives to your perforated performer? Out of the box, your Power Mac G5 provides mounting support for only two hard drives (and one slot is already occupied), so if your needs are limited, that might work out just fine—but, what if you need more storage space than two drives can muster, and you don't want the added expense or desktop clutter of external storage? Check out the G5 Jive! G5 Jive provides secure anchorage for three additional drives and all the cables necessary to connect them to a Serial ATA host controller card—just add SATA drives to create the most cost-effective solution for adding high-performance storage capacity to a Power Mac G5. Using Mac OS® X Disk Utility or third party software and multiple drives, you can create a striped (RAID 0) set to achieve great read/write performance, or a mirrored (RAID 1) set for data security. For even greater flexibility and performance, an additional drive in the Power Mac G5's second drive bay can be included with the G5 Jive drives in a RAID 0 set—a four drive striped set can achieve data transfer rates up to 274 MB/s!

G5 Jive consists of a custom metal base plate and mounting bracket, mounting screws, three internal SATA data cables, and a custom-designed 3-drive SATA power cable. It mounts in the space at the bottom of the case beneath the optical drive, and its installation has zero impact on PCI slots and adapter cards. When combined with a high-performance Serial ATA host controller card like our Tempo SATA E4i or Tempo SATA X4i, G5 Jive makes it possible for you to add up to three additional internal drives for the best performance on the inside

Key Benefits

  • Supports mounting of three Serial ATA hard drives(1) inside Power Mac G5
  • Most cost-effective way to add high-performance storage capacity
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware and cables (SATA host controller card, such as Tempo SATA E4i or Tempo SATA X4; sold separately)
  • Custom-designed 3-drive power cable simplifies installation and reduces clutter
  • Installation does not interfere with PCI cards

Mac Compatibility

  • Power Mac G5 (all models)

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