Novation Impulse 49 - USB-MIDI Keyboard

49 Semi-Weighted Keys-Aftertouch-8 Rotary Encoders and 9 Faders-8 Backlit Trigger Pads-Arpeggiator-Automap Control Software-Ableton Clip Launch-Additional Software-Mac OS X-Windows XP/Vista/7


Impulse 49 from Novation is a USB-MIDI keyboard controller featuring 49 semi-weighted keys with assignable aftertouch. It was designed to feel like an instrument rather than a computer peripheral, and responds more accurately and in a "musical" manner when triggering a synthesizer or software instrument.

In addition to the keys the controller features eight rotary controls, nine faders and eight backlit drum pads, along with the obligatory pitch and modulation wheels. The controls allow for hands on manipulation of DAW functions, virtual instruments and plug-ins. The included Automap control software takes the hassle out of assigning the controllers with its instant mapping feature.

The Automap software edit page looks just like the Impulse control surface. This labels what each knob, fader, and button is controlling, and the window can be hidden once assignment is finished. Control is available over the mixer, transport, and plug-ins of all major DAWs, as well as plug-in instruments and effects that don't come with a DAW, like products from Native Instruments, Waves or FXpansion.

The 8 drum pads are velocity-sensitive and respond to aftertouch. They are also back-lit with 3-color LEDs to indicate the status of the associated clip. A built in arpeggiator takes advantage of the pads by enabling the performer to warp arpeggios. By switching the 8 pads in or out, the rhythm of the arpeggio can be changed in real-time. The shape, syncopation and gate time of the arpeggio can also be changed.

  • Precision 49-note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch

  • Provides full control of a DAW including mixer, transport, and plug-in instruments and effects

  • 8 rotary encoders

  • 9 assignable faders

  • 8 large tri-color backlit trigger pads allow for warping arpeggios and improvising with rhythm patterns - they also launch clips in Ableton

  • Arpeggiator with pad-based rhythm editor

  • Roll mode on drum pads with aftertouch control of amplitude

  • Automap control software makes it fast and simple to assign knobs, faders and buttons to the music software

  • Large LCD screen displays control information with direct feedback from DAW

  • Buttons with QWERTY support via Automap

  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station synthesize, and a Loopmasters sample pack

  • USB powered, with expression and sustain pedal inputs, as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments

Control of 3rd Party Software

Ableton (Ableton Live Lite included with Impulse)

  • Mixer control - all channels

  • Transport control

  • Clip launch using Impulse's back-lit drum pads

  • Scene launch

  • Plug-in/Device control - instant control of Ableton's own devices as well as 3rd party VST/Audio Units plug-ins


  • Mixer control - all channels

  • Transport control

  • Plug-in instrument/effects control - instant control of whatever VST instrument or effect is in focus


  • Mixer control - all channels

  • Transport control

  • Plug-in instrument/effects control - instant control of Logic's own plug-ins and 3rd party VST/Audio Units plug-ins

 Pro Tools

  •  Mixer control - all channels

  • Transport control

  • Plug-in instrument/effects control - instant control of Pro Tools' own plug-ins and 3rd party RTAS plug-ins


  • Mixer control - all channels

  • Transport control

  • Instant control of rack devices (Thor, Dr Octo Rex etc.)


  • (PC only) Mixer control- all channels

  • Transport control

  • Plug-in VST instrument/effects control

Additional Information

Crossover Frequency No
Frequency Range No
High Frequency Amplifier No
High Frequency Driver No
Low Frequency Amplifier No
Low Frequency Driver No
Sensitivity No
Signal-to-Noise Ratio No
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) No
Headphone Type No
Low Frequency Roll-Off No
Phantom Power No
Dynamic Range No
Sample Rates No
Delivery Time No

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