Roland MICRO CUBE RX Portable Guitar Amplifier

Four 4" Drivers-Dual 2.5W Power Amps-Portable Design-Battery or AC Power-COSM Amps and Digital Effects-1/4" I/O Connectors


The MICRO CUBE RX from Roland is a professional-quality guitar amplifier that packs a surprising number of features into its compact body. Designed for portability and power, the cabinet houses four 4" drivers and two 2.5W power amplifiers to provide a strong performance.

The amplifier provides great connectivity options, with a 1/4" guitar input jack, a 1/4" pedal jack for adding an effect or control pedal, and 3.5mm and 1/4" AUX inputs for connecting CD players or other devices. A stereo 1/4" output lets you connect a pair of headphones or a recording device for practicing or saving your work.

Other terrific options include eight different COSM amplifier models for creating customized sounds, as well as a three-band EQ and a variety of digital effects. A built-in metronome does more than just keep tempo. It has a rhythm guide that provides a variety of rhythms and patterns to jam with.

  • Compact and portable design

  • Four 4" drivers

  • Dual 2.5W power amplifiers

  • Full connectivity options with a guitar input, pedal input, two AUX inputs, and a recorder/headphone output

  • Operates on AC power or six AA batteries

  • Eight COSM amp models to choose from

  • Built-in digital effects include chorus, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, and more

  • Three-band EQ with easy-to-use control knobs

  • Built-in metronome and rhythm guide provide tempo and rhythm patterns to play along with

Additional Information

Crossover Frequency No
Frequency Range No
High Frequency Amplifier No
High Frequency Driver No
Low Frequency Amplifier No
Low Frequency Driver No
Sensitivity No
Signal-to-Noise Ratio No
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) No
Headphone Type No
Low Frequency Roll-Off No
Phantom Power No
Dynamic Range No
Sample Rates No
Delivery Time N/A

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