Samyang 8mm T3.8 UMC Fish-Eye CS II Lens

Cine Lens for APS-C Sized Sensors-8mm Focal Length-180° Ultra Wide Angle of View-T3.8 to T22 Aperture; 6 Aperture Blades-Aperture Adjusts Without Click Stops-Well-Damped, Smooth Focus Ring-0.8 Gear Pitch on Aperture & Focus Rings-11.8" (30 cm) Minimum Focusing Distance-10 Lens Elements in 7 Groups-Anti-Reflection Ultra Multi Coating


This Samyang 8mm T3.8 UMC Fish-Eye CS II Lens is a fish-eye cine lens designed for video capture on cameras with APS-C sized sensors. It features an 8mm focal length and a 180° ultra wide angle of view. This angle of view changes, however, to 167° on Canon cameras because Canon APS-C sized sensors are slightly smaller and have a crop factor of 1.6.

Fish-eye lenses aren't for common, everyday shots, but can be excellent for capturing sports stadiums, large halls, highly-packed city sights, and similar scenery in a warped, unconventional fashion. They're also useful in making small rooms look bigger and straight lines or bars appear more oval, in both scenarios as a result of warping the image.

The aperture ranges from T3.8 to T22. T3.8 being its fastest aperture, this lens is best used in environments with sufficient light or with a light source incorporated. The aperture is manually adjustable without click stops with a continuous, smooth aperture ring. Both the aperture ring and focus ring feature a 0.8 gear pitch in case you want to use a follow focus with either. The focus ring is also well-damped and very smooth. The lens doesn't offer auto-focus, but in fish-eye lenses objects appear mostly in focus anyway. The minimum focusing distance is 11.8" (30 cm).

The lens has 10 lens elements arranged in 7 groups. It's coated with Samyang's multi-layered, anti-reflection Ultra Multi Coating (UMC), which suppresses flaring and ghosting. The lens body is made of aluminum and is very robust. A removable, petal type lens hood, and front and rear lens caps are included with the lens.

Key Features

  • Fish-eye cine lens for cameras with APS-C sized sensors

  • 8mm focal length

  • 180° ultra wide angle of view

  • 6 aperture blades

  • T3.8 to T22 aperture range

  • Aperture is adjustable by a continuous aperture ring

  • 0.8 gear pitch on aperture and focus rings

  • Well-damped, very smooth focus ring

  • 11.8" (30 cm) minimum focusing distance

  • 10 lens elements arranged in 7 groups

  • Multi-layered, anti-reflection Ultra Multi Coating (UMC)

  • Robust, aluminum body

  • Includes removable, petal type lens hood

Additional Information

Focal Length 8mm
Lens Mount Canon
Delivery Time No

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