sE Electronics SE4 Small Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone

sE4 Small Diaphragm Instrument Mic Accepts Interchangeable Capsules


The SE Electronics SE4 is a cardioid "pencil" style microphone designed to capture instruments and vocals in sound reinforcement and recording applications. The condenser capsule features Class A FET electronics that deliver transparent audio signal with a low noise floor. The microphone's cardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing noise and unwanted audio signal at the off-axis sections of the microphone. Optional omnidirectional and hypercardioid capsules are available. A -20dB pad switch provides added headroom when capturing excessively loud signals that create noise and distortion. The SE3 is more than suitable for capturing toms, snare, overheads, cymbals, percussion, choir, brass sections, stereo M-S style ambiance recording, and more.

 Cardioid Polar Pattern

The cardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing noise and audio at the off-axis (sides) of the capsule.

 Optional Interchangeable Capsules

The SE4 ships with a cardioid capsule but optional hypercardioid and omnidirectional capsules are available.

 Class A FET Electronics

The Class A FET output stage delivers pristine, transparent audio signal with minimal noise.

 Low Frequency Roll-Off

Low-frequency roll-off minimizes noise and proximity effect.

 20dB Pad Switch

The 20dB Pad switch provides the necessary headroom needed to capture loud signals without distortion.

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