sE2200a II Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

1" Gold Sputtered Diaphragm - Cardioid, Omni & Figure 8 Patterns - Rubber Paint Finish - Includes Shockmount - Includes Metal Pop Filter


The sE Electronics sE2200a II Large Diaphragm Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone is a versatile microphone well suited for project and professional studio recording. The large 1" gold sputtered diaphragm features 3 user selectable polar patterns.

Choose between omnidirectional, cardioid and figure 8 polar patterns to suite any recording scenario. The sE2200a II is an ideal choice for recording vocals, general instruments and amplifier cabinets alike. The microphone features a rubber paint finish and ships with a shockmount and metal pop filter.

  • Switchable cardioid, omnidirectional and figure 8 patterns
  • 1" gold sputtered diaphragm
  • Rubber paint finish
  • Includes rubberized shockmount and metal pop filter

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