Formatt Hitech 4 x 4" HD Full Frame Contrast 1 Filter

Open Shadows-Does Not Generate Flair-Spreads Ambient Light Evenly-Reduces Contrast-Use in Studio or Location


The Formatt 4 x 4" HD Full Frame Contrast 1 Filter is a valuable tool to have when you are shooting under very bright light i.e. mid-day, beach, etc. With the explosion of HD technology, using this filter will help when shooting on location (or studio) when a more balanced tone to the image is desired.

This filter distributes the ambient light all over the image area yielding a more even appearance. Shadows will be opened revealing more detail. However, the real benefit is that the highlights will not display any flair or halation.

  • Reduces contrast by evening out the ambient light in the frame

  • Excellent when shooting under very bright light

  • Using this filter will allow more detail to be revealed - opens shadows

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