Universal Audio Apollo Solo Audio Interface Review

Universal Audio Apollo Solo audio interface Review

Apollo solo audio interface review

Apollo Solo is the Universal Audio’s new value priced audio interfaces that come in two models, Thunderbolt 3 (Mac / PC) and USB 3 (PC only). The design of these 2 in / 4 out interfaces are very minimalistic, making them ideal for project and home studios, also a great way to enter the world of UAD powered plugins.

Key Features

  • 2 in 4 out Thunderbolt / USB audio interface 24 bit / 192 kHz audio conversion
  • Unison mic preamps and guitar amp emulations from API, Avalon, Neve, Manley, Fender, Marshall and more
  • One SHARC DSP Processor that allows real-time processing, means near zero latency with UAD effect / plug-ins, irrespective of the buffer settings
  • Includes studio compressors, EQs, reverbs, and guitar amp emulations, and more as part of “Realtime Analog Classics” bundle
  • One of the best-sounding headphone amplifier in its class
Apollo input & output

Input / Outputs

The Apollo Solo has 2 x XLR-1/4” Combo and 1 x 1/4 (Hi-Z) inputs with Phantom Power on the mic inputs. It also has two high resolution, ultra transparent, digitally controlled analog mic preamps for the inputs.

Apollo solo audio interface review

Each input channel has six preamp options.
First is the input selection between mic, line and Hi-Z inputs.
Second enables a low cut (high pass) 75Hz filter.
Third is 48V phantom power.
Forth is the Pad that attenuates the mic input signal by 20 dB, this is unavailable for Line and Hi-Z inputs.
Fifth inverts the polarity aka phase of the input signal.
The final sixth links channel 1 and 2 as a stereo pair.

As of outputs there are 2 x 1/4” TRS balanced outputs and 1/4”TRS headphone output.

Connectivity is USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 with the Thunderbolt being Bus powered which the USB-C needs external power (power supply is included)

Understanding the Unison™ Technology

Unison preamp technology goes far beyond traditional software modeling and emulations that it’s really in a category all its own.

The secret to Unison is its hardware-software integration between Apollo Solo’s mic preamps and its onboard UAD-2 processing. By placing a Unison-capable preamp plug-in on the mic input, and it physically reconfigures the Solo’s impedance, analog gain structure giving you the classic tube and transformer sound of the world’s most recorded mic preamps and guitar amps.

So you’re not simply filtering your audio to approximate the character of a famous preamp — your microphone is now interacting with the Apollo’s input the same way it would behave with the “modeled” preamplifier.

UAD-2 processing power built in!

Many times your computer just doesn’t have the power to run all the plug-ins in your recording session. With UAD Powered Plug-ins, the processing load is taken off your computer and borne by UAD’s super-powerful Analog Devices SHARC processor

Apollo solo audio interface review