Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Circumaural Open Studio Headphones

Open, diffuse-field systems-Professional version of the often-awarded DT 990-Excellent sound reproduction-Robust spring steel head band-Single-sided cable-Soft replaceable ear cushions-Gold-plated stereo mini jack and 1/4″ adapter

Call for Price

The DT 990 Pro is a comfortable open-back headphone for professionals who require a full bass sound as well as clinically accurate high and mid-range reproduction, and is an indispensable tool for audio and video professionals.

By design, headphones eliminate the acoustic interaction with a room that can affect the recording and monitoring of audio signals. The DT 990 Pro provides an excellent reference environment, the standard against which open-air room listening is judged.

  • Around-the-ear, open-back headphone

  • Equalized to meet diffuse field EQ requirements

  • Robust spring steel headband, with soft head-pad

  • Single-sided cable



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