CaptureBox Broadcast Injest Software

Manual & Automatic Ingest, Time Scheduled Capture & TC Batch Capture, SD & HD

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Variety of compressions

High-quality capturing can be done on variety of compression codecs like DV, HDV, HD, MPEG & H.264 formats in Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD)

File splitting

The ability to split a capture based on duration or file size

Integration with industry Traffic Systems

Third-party traffic system can import the capture capture logs for the purpose of playout scheduling, traffic monitoring or billing.

Software Development Kits

SDK are available for OEMs to integrate CaptureBox in their applications and solutions

Universal Ingest

Various ingest applications are made possible by the wide array of inputs provided – composite, component, firewire, SDI, ASI, LAN, HD-SDI.

Cost-effective MPEG2 Encoder

Industry-unique unit with video inputs and live stream output. Perfect for many IPTV applications.

VTR Remote Control

RS-422 VTR control by Sony protocol and DV deck control is provided for automated batch capturing off tape. Any RS-422 to RS-232 converter (Addenda, Imagine Products, etc.) or even a proprietary conversion cable can be used for VTR control through the PC com port. Playback and shuttling is quite easy with convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Batch and Schedule Capturing

Unlimited amount of clips from various tapes can be captured in a single session, sorted by tape ID and ascending time code. Once the capture session is initiated, the only operator assistance needed will be to change tapes when prompted. Content coming from live sources such as satellite feeds can be automatically captured based on a schedule with single, daily or weekly reoccurrence. Optional switcher interface provides automated input channel switching when different channels are being recorded.

Audio VU/Peak Meters

Audio VU/peak levels can be monitored and corrected accordingly. Quite a useful feature for proper audio capturing when converting analogue audio into the digital domain.

Use While Capturing (TDIR)

Ingested clips can be used for immediate editing or AirBox playout, before their capturing process is finished. This is particularly useful for sports events or Time Delay/Instant Replay applications.

Multi-channel audio

Professional videodeck audio outputs can all be captured in a single-pass capturing session. Clips then can be edited in any NLE system or played by AirBox for multi-language applications.



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