D’Addario Guitar Cable Circuit Breaker With Latching Cut-off Switch.

*Length 10′

    *Straight connectors

      *Built-in latching mute switch

        *Prevents pops and squeals when unplugging your guitar

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D’Addario Guitar Cable

    Guitarists, we’re sure you’re familiar with that nasty pop sound your amplifiers and speakers make when you unplug an active cable from your guitar. Not a good sound! But the Planet Waves Latching Circuit Breaker guitar cables put a built-in mute switch at your fingertips, letting you instantly, and silently, break the connection. Once the cable connection is broken, you can remove the cable and insert it into a different guitar without creating any unwanted sound through your rig. When you’re ready to play, just press the Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cable’s mute button, and you’re ready to go.



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