Dean Markley 2500 Nickel Steel Electric Guitar String 13-56

Dean Markley 2500 Nickel Electric Guitar String Gauges: 13-16-26-36-46

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Dean Markley Nickel Steel Electric Guitar strings are mainstays of electric guitarists everywhere. Delivered in tarnish-resistant individual envelopes and an environmentally friendly box. Nickel Steel Electric guitar strings sound fantastic and last a super-long time.

Tried and true, with long-lasting tone.With nickel-plated steel hand-wound slowly over a hex core, the outer string wrap maintains100% contact with the core.  A string that vibrates completely for maximum sustain, creating a warm, full sound distinctive of classic rock and roll. The core-to-wrap ratio makes bending easier.

Gauges 13-16-26-36-46-56.



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