Dunlop Pick Flow Variety Pack – .73mm to 3.0mm – 8 Pick Per Pack

Flow Picks feature a wide angle, sharp tip, beveled edge, and low-profile grip that come together to deliver a smooth playing experience that allows you to dig in hard, play fast, and show your work. Grab this variety pack to see which flow pick gauge and profile is right for you.


Call for Price

The PVP114 Pick Flow Variety Pack from Dunlop is a unique pack for the unique player. Flow Picks feature a wide angle, sharp tip, uniform bevel, and low-profile grip, providing extra heft along with a superbly comfortable feel. Flow picks sit between your fingers securely and let you go for those fast runs with confidence. These picks give you some serious projection power and smooth high-end tone. This pack gives you a wide variety of Flow picks to choose from, so you can find the perfect pick for your needs. Guitarists here love Flow picks for their ergonomic design, and we’re sure you will too.

  • Ergonomically designed picks give you confidence to attack faster runs
  • Wide angle, sharp tip, uniform bevel, along with superbly comfortable feel
  • Extra heft provides projection and smooth high-end tone
  • Low-profile grip provides effortless control
  • Pack includes Flow Standard 0.73mm, Flow Standard .088mm, Flow Standard 1.0mm, Flow Standard 1.5mm, Flow Standard 2.0mm, Flow Jumbo 2.0mm, Flow Jumbo 2.5mm, and Flow Jumbo 3.0mm picks