IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Medium-Sized Studio Monitor Isolators -Pair

solate Your Speakers for Accuracy Designed for Medium-Sized Speakers 14 Variations of Height and Tilt Durable Plastic/Steel Tube Construction

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This pair of ISO-L8R155 Medium-Sized Studio Monitor Isolators prevent the transfer of speaker cabinet energy to surrounding surfaces, effectively isolating the speaker. By allowing the speaker to perform in free space, it’s able to sound the way it was intended.

The height and tilt angle of the ISO-L8R155 are adjustable to optimize speaker positioning relative to the listener. The 2 included sets of height tubing along with 2 sets of end-plug pairs provide 14 steps of height adjustment. The different combinations are used to tilt the speaker up and down. The stand can be assembled and reconfigured repeatedly to establish the ideal position.

The ISO-L8R155 isolators are designed to support medium-sized monitor speakers no heavier than 35 pounds. They can be set to raise your speakers either 3″ or 8″ from the supporting surface.



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