Kino Flo 2′ Kino 800ma KF32 SFC True Match Fluorescent Lamp

Tungsten Balanced-Safety Coating-Flicker-Free-Cool to the Touch-Color Stable-Energy Efficient-Designed to Work Without Filtration-Made to the Highest Production Standards

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This is a Kino Flo 2′ Kino 800ma KF32 SFC True Match Fluorescent Lamp. The True Match Series of lamps has been produced to meet the high standards of both film and digital media. They are unique in their design since they are manufactured to synch with the precise spectral sensitivity of these media. Using this lamp negates the need of having to guess at the color temperature or scramble for the proper lighting filtration. The Safety Coating on this lamp serves to reduce scatter of glass in event of tube breakage.

For the last 20 years, Kino Flo has led the field in solving lighting issues for the film and video industry. Their high-output but cool fluorescent fixtures are now an industry standard on production stages around the world.

Note: High Output is the term to describe lamps that burn at a higher than Standard (std) lamp current. Normal lamps burn between 280-320ma. High Output lamps operate at or above 800ma. Anything above 1500ma is referred to as Very High Output.

  • Energy efficient design means less need to change lamps often which means less expense on your part – both for replacement and electricity charges

  • Irrespective of size, the color temperature remains constant

  • Lamps are manufactured to remain cool and stable – edge to edge consistency of light



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