Novation Launchpad Pro

64x RGB Back-Lit Pads – Pads are Velocity and Pressure Sensitive – 4 Modes: Session, Note, Device, & User – Dedicated Mixer & Function Controls – Compatible with Any DAW – Control Any MIDI Hardware Device – Ableton Live Lite Included – 1 GB of Loopmasters Sounds & Samples – Novation Bass & V Station Included – 1/8″ to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Cables Included


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The Launchpad Pro from Novation is a MIDI controller and grid instrument that creates dynamic, expressive musical performances. Designed for Ableton Live, the Launchpad will work equally as well with any DAW or hardware MIDI device. The enhanced RGB LED back-lit pads are velocity and pressure sensitive and provide fluid expression and creativity to production and performance. The layout is designed to keep your focus on the performance by easily and immediately applying effects, changing between mixer controls, and switching between four key modes including Session, Note, Device, and User.

The Session mode gives direct access to triggering clips, while the Note mode allows for the creation of dynamic beats and offers the ability to play the grid as an instrument with its chromatic keyboard display. The device mode provides access to any instrument or device parameters for easy real-time control and performance. The User mode is designed for custom performance layouts for software and hardware alike. There are dedicated buttons to control record arm, track select, mute, solo, volume, pan, sends, and stop clips. Additionally, there are dedicated function controls including click, undo, delete, quantize, duplicate, and double.

The mixer offers control of all volume, pan, and effects sends and is velocity sensitive, allowing for smooth transitions or instantaneous changes depending how hard a pad is played. There is MIDI in and out provided by the included 1/8″ / 3.5mm to 5-pin DIN cables, which connect to any MIDI hardware device such as a synthesizer or drum machine. The Launchpad is bus powered, but may also be powered by the included AC adapter for standalone operation. The Launchpad Pro ships with Ableton Live Lite, 1 GB of Loopmaster sounds & samples, and the Novation Bass Station & V-Station plug-in synthesizers.

Enhanced Performance

Take hands-on control of your music with seamless Ableton Live integration

Control Anything

Use the grid to control any music software and external hardware

Focus On the Music

RGB pads match the color of your clips in Ableton Live’s session view

Make Dynamic Beats

Create expressive drum performances using velocity-sensitive pads

Play It Like An Instrument

Easily play notes, melodies and chords on a chromatic keyboard layout

Mix Without Losing Focus

Get immediate access to all your mixer controls mid-performance

Easily Apply Effects

Get creative by controlling effects, instrument devices and plug-ins mid-performance

Build Your Own Creations

Download and control a growing library of Max for Live devices

Take It Anywhere

Compact, lightweight and bus-powered, tough enough to survive the roughest gigs

Make Music Immediately

Comes with everything you need to start performing your music



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