PreSonus Broadcast Accessory Pack for XLR Microphones


Key Features

  • For Podcasters, Streamers, and More
  • Accessories Complement Presonus XLR Mics
  • Includes HD7 Headphones & PBA-1 Boom Arm
  • Includes APF-1 Pop Filter and XLR Cable


PreSonus Broadcast Accessory Pack for XLR Microphones


A perfect complement to the M7, Relevator, PX-1, PD-70, and similar microphones, the Presonus Broadcast Accessory Pack gives you essential items to get the most out of your mic in a broadcast-style studio. The kit comprises a desktop boom arm, a pop filter, an XLR cable and a pair of HD7 headphones for monitoring.

This pack is perfect for podcasters, streamers, and anyone creating content in their home studio. With all the accessories in tow, your broadcast recording experience will be more convenient and will sound better to boot.

All-In-One Solution

Get the most from your microphone with The Broadcast Accessory Pack, as it comprises everything podcasters, live streamers, gamers, and YouTubers need to level up their online presence in a convenient bundle.

PBA-1 Boom Arm

The rugged PBA-1 boom arm is suitable for use with Revelator, PX-1, PD-70, or nearly any mic you prefer. It gets your mic up off of your desk, freeing up valuable tabletop space while providing better positioning options.

APF-1 Pop Filter

An APF-1 pop filter is also included to help reduce the plosive sounds that can occur when recording loud vocalists or employing close mic positioning.

HD7 Headphones

The lightweight HD7 headphones sound great and stay comfortable over marathon streaming or production sessions.

Included XLR Cable

To top it all off, PreSonus threw in a 10-foot XLR cable for connecting your mic to your interface.


PBA-1 Microphone Boom Arm
APF-1 Pop Filter
HD7 Headphones
XLR Microphone Cable
5/8" Male to 3/8" Female Thread Adapter


Not Specified by Manufacturer


Not Specified by Manufacturer

  • PreSonus Broadcast Accessory Pack for XLR Microphones
  • PreSonus HD7 Professional Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones
  • PBA-1 Microphone Boom Arm
  • APF-1 Pop Filter
  • XLR Cable (10')