Sonnet Presto Dual-Port 10GbE 10GBase-T Ethernet PCIe Card

Flow control support
Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI)
RSS (Receive-Side Scaling)
Interrupt coalescing
Multicast filtering
64-bit address support for systems using more than 4GB of physical memory
PCIe networking cards cannot support Wake-on-LAN

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Key Features

    Adds 10GbE Connectivity to Mac Pro Towers, Windows PCs, or Linux® Servers—Powerfully simple way to add high-performance 10GbE connectivity to your computer with PCIe slots

      Optimized for Thunderbolt™—Ideal for use in Sonnet’s Echo™ Express and xMac™ Thunderbolt-to-PCIe card expansion systems

        Connection Flexibility—Choose between two short-range or two long-range SFP+ optical transceivers (sold separately), two RJ45 SFP+ copper transceivers(1) (sold separately), or two SFP+-terminated “Direct Attach” twinax copper cables (sold separately) to connect the Presto card to your network or storage



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