TAMA HP910LWN Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal

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The 910 Series HP910LWN Speed Cobra from TAMA is a double kick drum pedal designed to deliver extreme velocity and enhanced power with minimum work, for serious players looking to bring added complexity to their style.

Key Features

  • Double Kick Drum Pedal
  • Designed for Speedy Footwork
  • Double-Chain Drive
  • Long Footboard
  • Rounded, Linear Cam
  • Hardshell Carrying Case Included


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The 910 Series HP910LWN Speed Cobra from TAMA is a double kick drum pedal designed to deliver extreme velocity and enhanced power with minimum work, for serious players looking to bring added complexity to their style.

The HP910LWN Speed Cobra features the company’s Swivel Spring Tight tension-locking mechanism which swivels to allow a freer spring movement, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and light action. The pedal’s extra-long, smooth-surfaced footboard provides added leverage that minimizes player effort and encourages a wide variety of foot-slide techniques.

The Super Stabilizer design incorporates a wider baseplate and frame, which provide the pedal with a solid foundation and added stability. At the pedal’s heel, the specially-designed 2-piece Hinge Guard Block slightly lengthens the footboard for enhanced speed and control, while the Accu-Strike Cobra Beater provides a powerful, precise strike, which produces a sharper, more explosive sound on contact.

Speed Cobra 910 Series

  • Designed for extreme velocity, serious power, delivered with minimum work

Long Footboard

  • Rapidly accelerates the power and speed of the beater stroke, with less physical effort
  • Smooth playing surface reduces friction between your foot and the footboard, allowing more precise control and flexibility

Recessed Setting

  • Makes it possible to achieve a perfect balance between the natural playing feel of the Chain Drive’s motion and lighter action
  • Adjusted bearing framework structure produces less stress on the FASTBALL bearing and improves the total feel of pedal
  • 20% less exertion is required to produce the same result in power and feel compared to traditional models

Rolling Glide LiteSprocket

  • Weighs 40% less than Iron Cobra cam
  • Round, Rolling Glide LiteSprocket revolves naturally and smoothly, contributing to a light, responsive feel

Super Spring

  • Needs less exertion in the beginning of pedal action
  • Quicker response when beater rebounds from bass drum head

Vari-Pitch Beater Holder

  • Vari-Pitch beater angle adjustments are completely independent of the footboard angle
  • Speedo-Ring allows you to adjust the angle of the footboard link independently of the beater angle
  • Combination of the Speedo-Ring and Vari-Pitch lets you achieve any kind of stroke and enjoy improved playability

Para-Clamp II Pro

  • Para-Clamp II Pro is capable of gripping the widest variety of bass drum hoops
  • Three-dimensional rubber grip increases holding power and reduces the possibility of scratching hoop
  • Facilitates setup and breakdown while sitting on throne

Swivel Spring Tight

  • Uses of a contoured assembly that allows the base to swivel freely with the spring
  • Enables a straight spring pull during the pedal’s entire cycle, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and light action

Hinge Guard Block

  • Two-piece assembly holds the bearing hinge of the footplate evenly, minimizing stress and maximizing smoothness, while adding to the pedal’s sense of power

Accu-Strike Cobra Beater

  • Butadiene rubber offers strong resistance to wear, lighter weight, and provides consistent and articulate sound with strong attack

Cobra Coil

  • Steel spring assists in the return of the footboard to its original position
  • Can be adjusted to different positions, forward or backward, on the base plate

Oiles Bearing Hinge

  • Offers less friction than standard ball bearings
  • Eliminates side-to-side motion and provides superior durability


  • Replaces the traditional nylon rocker cam
  • High-quality built-in ball bearing rocker
  • Quick-Hook allows for easy set up and tear down, and provides a compact design which lets you place the pedal in the hard case without taking off the beater

Super Stabilizer Design

  • Pedal’s frame is widened to reduce side-to-side sway and increase efficiency

Hardshell Carrying Case

  • Comes standard with a specially designed hard carrying case



Double pedal, right-footed

Pedal Drive

Double chain




Rolling Glide, linear


Not specified by manufacturer


Not specified by manufacturer

  • TAMA 910 Series HP910LWN Speed Cobra Twin Kick Drum Pedal
  • Hardshell Carrying Case
  • Connecting Rod
  • Allen Key Set
  • Drum Key