Universal Audio Dynamics Processor

Limiting Amplifier – Blackface Revision D and E – Stereo Interconnect Operation

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The original Universal Audio 1176 limiting amplifier designed by Bill Putnam was a major breakthrough in limiter technology. It was the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry, offering superior performance and a signature sound. Evolved from the popular Universal Audio 175 and 176 vacuum tube limiters, the original retained the proven qualities of these industry leaders and set the standard for all limiters to follow.

The 1176LN is a recreation of the original classic. And while it would have been possible (and much simpler) to modernize and “improve” on the original, every effort was made to remain faithful to Putnam’s design and intentions. Modeled after the D and E revisions, each 1176LN is hand-wired and thoroughly tested, allowing the limiter to reproduce all the nuance of the original, while delivering its trademark sound.

Recreation of Bill Putnam’s analog limiting amplifier, modeled after the 1176LN Blackface model, D and E revisions

True to the original in design, manufacturing and performance

Ultra fast attack time

Class A line level output amplifier

Custom built Putnam-designed output transformer



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