Gibson luthier’s choice triple pack


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Gibson luthier’s choice triple pack

Gibson AILC-975 luthier’s choice triple pack Use the same premium instrument care products that luthiers around the world have used for years to maintain their instruments.

Gibson AILC-975 luthier’s choice triple pack choice products protect the finish, fingerboard and strings so that your instrument looks better, sounds better and retains its value.

Professional Triple Pack Pack Contains 3 x 44ml (1 1/2 fl oz.) Bottles 1 x Fretboard Conditioner 1 x String Cleaner / Lubricant 1 x Hi Gloss Polish

The Gibson AILC-975 luthier’s choice triple pack is one-stop shopping for maintaining your stringed instruments. Guitar polish, fretboard conditioner and string cleaner are all included to help your prized guitars look, feel and play their best.

There are dozens of manufacturers out there that are building replacement parts and accessories for Gibson guitars.

If you’re planning to keep your Gibson guitar for a while, it just makes perfect sense to buy your parts from Ion Audio Visual. We carry the full line of genuine Gibson parts.

By using only authentic Gibson parts and accessories, you’ll end up with a guitar that’s going to maintain its value for decades to come.

If you love your Les Paul, your ES-335 or ES-175, you’ll be assured of having a guitar that will hold its value for dozens of years. In many cases, even so-called Guitar experts are fooled, as the parts are indistinguishable from the “real thing!”

Use only genuine Gibson parts if you want your guitar “investment” to maintain its value, while at the same time feeling and playing like a new instrument!


  • Triple Pak three-pack
  • Polish
  • String Cleaner
  • Fretboard Conditioned

About this item:

  • Designed Exclusively for Gibson nitro-cellulose finishes
  • Safe for all finishes
  • Made in USA
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