Portable Isolation Booth

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PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) Features:

  • Compact, durable, freestanding, easily stored
  • Standard size unfolded: 47.5 Inch wide (each panel is 23.75 Inch) x 77.5 Inch tall
  • Standard size collapsed: 47.5 Inch wide (each panel is 23.75 Inch) x 45 Inch tall
  • Weight: 17.55 kgs


Portable Isolation Booth

All rooms can have a negative influence on the direct sound by “coloring” the sound source that is being recorded. The Acoustics PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) effectively isolates a vocalist or sound source from a room which significantly improves the recording quality.


The size of the PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) makes it more effective than other portable vocal shields because the large surface catches and absorbs more room reflections. The large size also means the PIB surrounds the mic making it more natural for a singer as opposed to singing into a U shaped piece of foam.


The most unique feature of the PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) is one side has a thin, rigid plate with stylish cutouts which provides absorption while being semi-reflective. The rigid plate is ideal when recording and tracking as it will reflect high frequency content across the room, in turn improving the sonic image of your tracking or listening environment.


The PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) is hinged and collapsible making it a combination portable standalone isolation booth and a compact isolation shield.
The PIB is versatile, adjustable and suitable in any environment; whether it’s a bedroom studio or a professional recording facility.