D’Addario XSAPB1047 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings – .010-.047

D’Addario XSAPB1047 Acoustic Guitar Strings Phosphor Bronze – Gauges: .010, .014, .023, .030, .039, .047 – Smooth – NY Steel hex core


D'Addario XSAPB1047 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
D’Addario XSAPB1047 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings – .010-.047


D’Addario XSAPB1047 Acoustic Guitar Strings Phosphor Bronze is on a mission to create the finest coated acoustic strings the world has ever seen. The D’Addario XS  series is one such result of that labor.XS Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings feature a NY Steel hexagonal core with a wrap wire of phosphor bronze to deliver balanced warmth and enhanced harmonic content that span the entire neck. Not only that, but XS Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings feature an ultra-thin film coating for added protection against sweat and grime.

This coating gives the strings a long-lasting great tone — some of the longest-lasting in the D’Addario catalog — and dramatically extends playtime between string swaps. And if you ask us, they feel great under the fingers, too. You also get D’Addario’s Fusion Twist technology and digitally controlled winding for increased tuning stability and 1:1 consistency from set to set.

Superb long-lasting tone in every pack

D’Addario XS Phosphor Bronze isn’t your ordinary coated acoustic strings. Both the wound strings and plain steels feature a groundbreaking thin film coating to maximize tone and extend string life from top to bottom. This eliminates the awkward stage common to other coated strings where your bottom strings far outlast your top strings. From chords to leads, and from stage to studio, you’ll sound your best strung up with D’Addario XS Phosphor Bronze strings.

Hex-core wounds, Fusion Twist steels

Inside each round wound string in each D’Addario XSAPB1047 Acoustic Guitar Strings set is a NY Steel hexagonal core — the same as you’ll find on a set of your favorite NYXLs or XTs. This angular core gives the wrap wire more surface to grab on to, yielding better tone and intonation. Plain steels in the D’Addario XSAPB1047 Acoustic Guitar strings sets feature D’Addario’s Fusion Twist technology. This process prevents slack in the twist, resulting in greater resistance against detuning and breaking.

Ultra-thin film coating

D’Addario has gone to great lengths to ensure every string in every pack of D’Addario XSAPB1047 Acoustic Guitar strings stays true to the iconic D’Addario tone.

The secret is an unbelievably thin coating that preserves tone, above all, but also reduces squeaks and resists fraying. This coating not only gives you longer string life but a comfortable feel on the fingers so you can play your best all night long.


  • Gauges: .010, .014, .023, .030, .039, .047
  • Ultra-thin film coating extends string life between changes
  • Delivers long-lasting great tone
  • Smooth, sleek feel on the fingers
  • Unique polymer treatment on plain steels supplies a natural, protected feel
  • Fusion Twist technology enhances tuning stability
  • NY Steel hex core delivers superior intonation and stability
  • Digitally controlled winding ensures consistency from set to set

String Guage

Guitar Type

Acoustic Guitar

Number of Strings





.010, .014, .023, .030, .039, .047

Core Material

High-carbon Steel

Winding Material

Phosphor Bronze

Winding Type