M-Audio M-Track Solo Desktop 2×2 USB Audio Interface


M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface – Musicians, Producers, and Songwriters – USB Type-A Connectivity – 1 Mic/Line Preamp, 1 Line / Hi-Z Input – 1 Headphone Output, 2 Monitor Outs – 24-Bit / 48 kHz AD/DA Converters – Bus-Powered / Mac, Windows – Phantom Power, Direct Monitoring – Gain Control and Signal LED per Input – Pro Tools | First and MPC Beats – 20 FX Plug-Ins, VI, and Amp Simulator


M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface
M-Audio M-Track Solo Desktop 2×2 USB Audio Interface


M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface desktop 2×2 USB audio interface provides simultaneous 2-channel recording, easy operability, and a helpful software bundle of DAWs, virtual instruments, and plug-ins.

With its XLR-1/4″ combo mic/line input and dedicated front-panel 1/4″ line/instrument input, the M-Track Solo can simultaneously accommodate a dynamic or condenser mic and an electric guitar/bass while offering separate meters and gain controls for both inputs. Since the interface has two unbalanced RCA monitor outputs and a 3.5mm headphone output with shared level control, you can connect active speakers and a set of headphones and adjust their volumes simultaneously. The built-in direct monitor function lets you hear the zero-latency live input signal in mono, or monitor the USB return signal from your computer, so you can smoothly transition from tracking to overdubbing, to mixing.

Crystal Clear Audio in a Compact Design

The M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface delivers 48 kHz audio resolution in a compact and easy-to-use format that is ideal for creating music on any Mac/Windows computer or iOS mobile device. This versatile interface works great for recording any type of sound source; it features a single Combo Crystal Preamp with phantom power and a switchable line/instrument input, making it compatible with any guitar or microphone. Plus, with M-Track Solo’s two-channel recording, you can use both line inputs simultaneously to capture digital pianos, drum machines, or any other stereo 1/4″ device.

Direct Monitoring and Headphone Connection

M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface offers zero-latency monitoring of the input signal through both the main RCA outputs and the 3.5mm headphone output. The USB/Direct switch adjusts the balance between the direct inputs and the playback from your computer software. This makes it easy to record new parts or add parts to an existing composition.

Crystal Preamps and Clear A/D Converters

M-Audio’s engineers designed their Crystal preamps to provide you with a transparent low-noise preamp, for optimal sound from your microphones and capture your performance exactly the way you intended. The M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface incorporates pristine A/D converters for 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution digital audio with a dynamic range that let you capture every nuance and subtlety of the performance.

Bus Powered

M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface is completely powered by USB, which makes it portable and perfect for anyone.
Throw it into your bag, grab a laptop, and create your next podcast, song, or mix, anywhere you want. The interface is class-compliant for Macs and utilizes a downloadable driver for Windows.
The power available from an iOS device is not sufficient to power M-Track Solo. Use an Apple Camera Connection Kit, a USB breakout cable, and a USB power adapter (all available separately) to properly connect and power the M-Track Solo with an iPhone or iPad.

Creative Software Suite

To help you start recording as soon as possible, the M-Audio M-Track Solo Audio Interface comes complete with a software package—two DAWs, 20 effect plug-ins, a virtual instrument, and more.

  • Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition and MPC Beats: Two DAWs that make it easy and fun to create professional-sounding podcasts and music or competitive beat productions on any Mac or Windows computer
  • Eleven Lite: Guitar amp simulator with modern and vintage amps and cabs
  • AVID Effects Collection: 20 effects including compression, delay, reverb, and more
  • AIR Music XPand!2: A multitimbral synthesizer plug-in for creating synths, strings, percussion, organ, piano sounds, and more with ease

Form Factor




Channels of I/O

2 Inputs / 2 Outputs

Max Sample Rate/Resolution

48 kHz / 24-Bit

Number of Mic Preamps


Input Level Adjustment

2 x Knob





High-Pass Filter


Expansion Slots



Analog Audio I/O

1 x Combo XLR-1/4" TRS Balanced Mic/Line Input (Front Panel)
1 x 1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Line/Hi-Z Input (Front Panel)
1 x Stereo RCA Coaxial Unbalanced Monitor Output
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output (Front Panel)

Phantom Power

+48 V, Selectable On/Off

Digital Audio I/O


Host Connection / USB

1 x USB Type-B (Class-Compliant)

USB (Non-Host)


Sync I/O


Network I/O




Wireless Connectivity


Memory Card Slot



Frequency Response

Mic, Line, Hi-Z Inputs:
20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB
Monitor Outputs:
20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB
Headphone Outputs:
20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.5 dB

Gain/Trim Range

Mic Inputs:
0 to +54 dB
Line/Hi-Z Inputs:
-10 to +44 dB

Max Output Level

Line Outputs:
+4 dBu

Headphone Output Power

60 mW per Channel into 32 Ohms


Hi-Z Inputs:
1 Megohm (Unbalanced)


Mic Inputs:
109 dB (A-Weighted)
Monitor Outputs:
109 dB (A-Weighted)
Headphone Outputs:
100 dB (A-Weighted)


Mic Inputs:
0.003% (A-Weighted, Min Gain, at 0 dBu)
Line Inputs:
0.002% (A-Weighted, Min Gain, at 0 dBu)
Hi-Z Inputs:
0.005% (A-Weighted, Min Gain, at 0 dBu)
Monitor Outputs:
0.002% (A-Weighted, at 0 dBu)
Headphone Outputs:
0.02% (A-Weighted)


Mic Inputs:
-128 dBu A-Weighted (Max Gain)

Digital Audio

Sample Rates

48 kHz (AD/DA Conversion)

Sample Rate Conversion


Bit Depths

24-Bit (AD/DA Conversion)


Zero-Latency Direct Monitoring

Sync Sources



OS Compatibility

macOS 10.8 or Later
Windows 7 or Later (32-Bit or 64-Bit)

Included Software

Pro Tools First M-Audio Edition

Compatible Software (Not Included)

Any Core Audio (Mac) Compliant Software

Supported Drivers/API & Plug-Ins

macOS Class-Compliant (No Driver Needed)
Windows Driver Downloadable from Manufacturer

Required Hardware

Available USB Port
USB Cable (Included)

Internet Connection

Required for Registration, Software/Driver Download


Power Requirements

USB Bus Power



6.4 x 4.5 x 2.1" / 16.3 x 11.4 x 5.3 cm


0.7 lb / 0.3 kg

Packaging Info

Package Weight

1.155 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

8 x 6 x 3.7"


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