Samson WS03 Condenser Windscreen

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  • Large durable foam windscreen
  • Perfect for Samson C01, C03 & CL7 condenser microphones


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The Samson WS03 Condenser Windscreen is perfect for use with Samson C01, C02 and CL7 condenser microphones. This large, durable foam windscreen will protect your audio from wind hiss and pop so you get the best sound quality possible.

If you have a Samson C01, C03, or CL7 condenser microphone then this windscreen will fit your equipment perfectly.
We offer high quality Large durable foam windscreen perfect for Samson c01, c03 & cl7 condenser microphones
Samson WS03 Condenser Windscreen.


  • Large durable foam windscreen
  • Perfect for Samson C01, C03 & CL7 condenser microphones.
  • Large durable foam windscreen Cook untuck MICROPHONE Recording sib : – Samson C01, C03 & CL7 condenser microphones – Microphone Condenser Recording merk2 liana ( Behringer C1,C3, b1, B2 , AKG P120 dell)


  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Country of Production: China


Its a large durable foam windscreen & its perfect for condenser microphones.

Features: Model û SAMS-WS03 & manufactured by Samson. This microphone accessory is suitable for the Samson C01, C03 & CL7.What’s in the box
1x Samson WS03 Condenser Windscreen



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