Yamaha YRS-20BG Soprano/Descant Recorder

Easy to play with precise, uniform intonation for players of all levels, Yamaha student level recorders are perfect for the beginning musician. The baroque fingering system is one of the features that makes the 20-series recorders the most popular school recorders.

Key Features:

  • Key of soprano in C
  • Fingering baroque
  • Construction three-piece

Call for Price

The translucent, candy coloured Rainbow Recorders are real instruments, not toys. They are made of the same ABS resin material as our regular recorders, and offer the same superior tuning, the same beautiful tone, and the same great durability. They play effortlessly with a rich, full sound, and with their colourful look they make even routine practice fun!

Easy to play with a soft pure tone. This is ideal for beginners.



ABS Resin


Baroque system

Key of Instrument